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Golden Gate Bridge as seen from near Golden Gate Molders,  Injection Molding Supplier in San Francisco

About Us

Golden Gate Molders - Crafting Precision in Every Mold

Our Mission At Golden Gate Molders, we’re more than just an injection molding company; we're artisans of precision, enthusiasts of engineering, and pioneers in plastics. Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, we bring a unique blend of innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship to every project we undertake.



Our Story


Golden Gate Molders was born out of a desire to fill a niche in San Francisco’s vibrant manufacturing landscape. Founded by Ian Coll McEachern, a seasoned product designer and engineer, our company stands as the city’s premier destination for high-quality injection molding services. Ian’s journey, deeply rooted in mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering, and enriched by his experiences with master craftsmen and leading medical device innovators, has culminated in the creation of Golden Gate Molders.



Our Expertise


We specialize in transforming concepts into reality. Our services range from producing intricate components for medical devices to crafting bespoke parts for artistic installations. Every mold we create is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail, our relentless pursuit of perfection, and our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality.



Our Process


Innovation and adaptability are at the core of our operations. We leverage the latest in injection molding technology alongside time-honored techniques to ensure that each product is not just made, but masterfully crafted. Our process involves close collaboration with clients, understanding their needs, and delivering beyond expectations.

Our Promise


At Golden Gate Molders, your vision is our blueprint. We promise to work tirelessly to bring your ideas to life, ensuring each product we mold is a reflection of our shared commitment to excellence. As the only injection molding service in San Francisco, we take pride in being a beacon of innovation and craftsmanship.



Our Invitation


We invite you to join us on this journey of creative exploration and manufacturing excellence. Whether you're an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea or a business in need of high-precision components, Golden Gate Molders is here to turn your vision into a tangible reality.


Let’s create something remarkable together.


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